Note: Not to be confused with Matt, known as Frictional Weekly and 10 other names.

HappyMatt12345 was a self-aggrandizing, albeit promising modder, known for being extremely salty about criticism and being really impressed by himself when he found out he can rotate paintings and carpets slightly.

Despite his short tenure as a modder, he liked to preach about level design.

Involvement in drama

HappyMatt got involved with several dramas in the Critischism, particularly the core one of that conflict - HGA, a mod which he was not involved with. The main reason for his involvement was pretty much exclusively Timan leaving a 5/10 review on the said mod.

HappyMeal posted a bunch of stupid crap in the ModDB thread that is now lost, however his gem of a review was archived:

Another masterful comment of his was that a mod should not be criticized because the creators worked hard on it, and that only people who have made something better should be allowed to comment on the mod.

While making this preschool-tier argument, he somehow failed to notice that he was arguing against modders who have all published much better mods, or at least mods comparable to HGA in some cases. This was particularly idiotic since the initial criticism was made by Timan, who has made troll mods of quality higher than HGA, not to mention his other stuff.

After some time, HappyMeal got so salty about people criticising HGA that he cancelled his own mod (Order of The Skull). He wrote an aggressive blog post about it, and despite giving other reasons, it was pretty obvious one of his biggest concerns was not wanting to deal with any criticism himself.

He has made it quite clear before that he considers himself to be pretty much infallible, and dealing with criticism would have shattered his fragile ego. He also said almost verbatim that “the community doesn’t deserve his masterpiece”.

Some have later called this “the HappyMatt incident”.

HappyMatt promised to never post anything on ModDB again, but he couldn’t stop himself from lurking and even commented on stuff a few times. Eventually he actually committed to his “running away from home” shtick and deleted his account.

Discord shenanigans

Before actually leaving the community, HappyMeal would also make rounds posting his shitty takes on Discord, such as:

  • Boasting about knowing how to use for loops in the middle of someone else’s conversation
  • Calling Notepad++ trash because it’s not an IDE
  • Calling Frictional Games idiots because of a bug or a questionable decision

However, the most important instance of this was when he messaged someone privately and taunted them about their mapping skills, creating a now classic meme phrase:

Later activity

Before deleting his ModDB account, HappyMatt was making threats that he will become a game developer and basically make his own Amnesia clone. He would begin posting game development videos on his YT soon after, making it painfully aparrent that he was absolutely not ready for such a project, as the only progress he made in the next several weeks was making a nighstand with an openable drawer.

Several years later he seems to have improved at game dev to a basic level, having published a simple puzzle game and currently working on a simple 2D platformer, suspiciously titled “Deathly Descent”.