Beg for it

– Spelos, the friendly neighborhood programmer, when asked to stop telling a kid to kill himself

Spelos is a Czech programmer mostly known for forcing others to use his overly complicated modding framework and telling teenagers to hang themselves while discussing how the community needs a less toxic website to post mods on. He loves to appear friendly and cheerful though.

Amnesia Preprocessor

Amnesia Preprocessor was Spelos’ program / modding framework made to combat HPL2’s shitty lack of support for the #include directive. For the non-programmers, it basically means that the same code had to be manually pasted everywhere, which is a logistical nightmare. Unfortunately, not everyone was enthusiastic to use it so Spelos had to coerce people to. You know, the same people who usually have zero experience with programming and have never seen a command-line tool.

The break up episode

Spelos’ mods were usually light-hearted, fun experiences, mostly Halloween-themed. Once he dropped some pretentious artsy-fartsy mod which presumably was about his break-up. Not to make fun of someone’s suffering, but a community full of stupid kids isn’t the best place to post such stuff. Spelos deleted everything he could when leaving the community, but his mods were re-uploaded by Swankest.

bro that’s so deep bro…

Spelos being a kiss-ass
…and the real Spelos