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No one is perfect, except for me.

~SwankestCZ, “Uvaha_EN”

Wankfest (officially SwankestCZ) is a two-faced Czech who translates shitty Amnesia mods and spams mod walkthroughs on YouTube in every language available. The fallout after the breakup of his modding operation revealed him to be an egomaniac and a control freak.

Being a boomer caveman, Swankest can’t mod a game which is famous for being so easy to mod that legions of teenagers made piles of crap content in it. Instead of learning how to mod, he became a writer deranged idea guy on a modding team. Swankest would then pressure his colleagues into working long hours for free and implementing his shitty grandiose ideas (such as pointlessly inflating levels). Despite the fact that writing is like 5% of work that goes into a mod, Swankest loves to take full creative credit for the entire series of mods called Bavarian Saga. Moreover, he thought he could do whatever he wants with these mods. When the guy who actually made one of the mods refused to let him copy the maps elsewhere, Swankest did the following:

A small sample of Swankest’s wrongdoings.

Swankest has been denounced by the core of the Amnesia modding community for spamming awful semi-automated translations and general psychopathic behavior. As such, he had to find a new way of growing his YT following and needed new people gullible enough to act as his personal outrage mob. He accomplished those things by acting friendly towards children in DMs and using alt-accounts to send spam invites to his Discord server. He has also used these accounts as sock puppets, as well as for praising himself. Because Swankest is a technological bonehead, he has to beg others to admin the server for him. This caused him a lot of grief when they inevitably turned against him due to his general bad attitude.

Swankest and discourse

As a preface, it is worth understanding the number one thing which led Swankest to spawn the biggest post-forum drama in the history of the community.

It is his style of discourse. Not only is it based on gross exaggerations and fallacies, but his main concern is usually on appearing as a victim or a noble person in the eyes of the public, rather than reaching agreement. He very often publishes his argumentation in the form of public announcements, like a shite version of Martin Luther.

His main strategy of “winning” arguments is to flood the reader with eristic tricks and mix truth with batshit crazy claims.

A typical Swankest response is also annoyingly long and unintelligible due to his poor English and occasional omission of key information. Combined altogether, arguing with him is a mind-numbing experience which leaves you with so much to debunk that some of his manipulation inevitably remains uncontested.

Reading anything written by Swankest (artist’s depiction)

There are of course instances of Swankest arguing fairly (especially during the early stages of of community involvement), but proof of those is rare. He likes to maintain a friendly facade in his more public profiles (e.g. ModDB and YT), which can be misleading until one sees his true face on Discord. An additional thing in his favor is that he somewhat often relates events with direct quotes, giving them more credibility.

General activity

These are the main areas of Swankest’s activity, excluding the infamous collaboration with Sabatu and headlesscyborg.

The Translation Crusade

Main article: The Translation Crusade

Swankest first rose to infamy by taking advantage of idiotic access control on ModDB. He would post his Czech translations on original mod sites, bumping them to the front page of ModDB. As a result, instead of new mods, the front page would often be flooded with the ancient trash that he translates. This of course pissed off active modders because it detracted attention from their work.

Unlike real translators, Swankest speaks broken English and has a foggy understanding of what he reads. His translations are actually done by automated software and he only goes over the results and corrects the Czech grammar errors. Because of this bulletproof approach, many of his translations deviate from source material, sometimes making it nonsensical.

He made 300 “mode” (as he keeps calling them) “translin” so far. Many of them get less than 10 downloads. It isn’t entirely certain why he does all this useless labor with such zealousness. He might have a savior complex as he alluded several times to wanting to help all the “poor peoples” who can’t speak English. Another explanation is that it fuels his YT spam. Maybe both.

Swankest about his crusade

YouTube “career”

Swankest YT content consists of game and mod walkthroughs without commentary. He records all Amnesia mods he can, including absolute garbage and bad troll mods. Typically he will record the same game/mod multiple times with different in-game languages. While this can be considered useful in the case of regular games, it makes no sense in the case of Amnesia mods. Why?

  • These mods rarely have voice acting
  • Even if they do, the VA is almost never not re-recorded
  • …so the only difference on video is the displayed text
  • These mods and their translations are usually available on ModDB to play for free
  • Amnesia: TDD is a very old game that’s fairly cheap and goes on sale multiple times a year. It’s also very easy to pirate.
Swankest’s videos somehow aren’t doing too bad. Why the hell is the Czech version a whopping 11 minutes longer though?

Interestingly, the Czech walkthroughs get a lot of views - more than one might expect based on the measly download count of the translations from ModDB. His videos are closer to speedruns than longplays, which makes the view counts even weirder considering that these games aren’t skill-based. Regardless, spamming hundreds of videos which get a few hundred views each might yield some revenue from YT, which could be an incentive for the Translation Crusade.

Credit where credit is due though, Swankest’s channel is a great archive of deleted mods. Moreover, the walkthroughs are usually well prepared and contain no fumbling around, so they are great for looking up puzzle solutions (Amnesia mods aren’t known for best puzzle design).

Old, forgotten and shitty modes

One of the images that Swankest chose as the main showcase for the project.

If spamming bad translations of crap wasn’t enough, Wankfest has taken upon himself to rescue trash from the garbage bin of history. The “Old, Forgotten and Beginner’s Mods” project is an archive of mods “which are not available on ModDB and are otherwise difficult to find, as well as small mods of new creators”. From the project description:

Modes by new and biginner creators: You can also upload your own new creations, test maps, demos, beta versions to these pages, in short, what is not a full-fledged mod and what you do not dare to release as a mod.

The mod you inserted must be playable, although it may not necessarily be playable to the end. Even showcases are welcome.

In other words, many mods posted on the page are even worse than the average Amnesia mod. Swankest even acknowledges this:

Because many embedded modes will be low quality. There will always be an _LQ MOD_ in their name. This is so that this mode isn’t downloaded by more demanding players who are looking for quality mods

None of these mods have “LQ MOD” in the title, because of course.

Once again giving credit where it’s due, the project does host a few important mods which would otherwise be lost.

The mod director saga

Main article: Bavarian drama

For a time, Swankest, Sabatu and headlesscyborg enjoyed a fruitful collaboration on mods.

I declare that everything written here is pure truth.

– Swankest at the end of “Uvaha”, his sickening and twisted account of the events

At some point Swankest became entitled to others’ work. The abridged version is that Swankest guilt-tripped headlesscyborg into working on their mod way more than he was comfortable with, and bloating the mod in the process. The drama culminated with the spread of Uvaha, a smear-piece where Swankest accidentally told everyone how fucked up he really is.

The end results were that there were now two competing FG fan servers and two versions of the Bavarian Saga mods, as well as hostility between Swankest and many active modders. In particular, it also spawned the rivalry between Swankest and Sabatu. This drama has shed a lot of light on Swankest’s twisted personality, some facets of which are described below.

Reviews of the original Bavarian Saga mods were deleted along with the mods. Player opinions could be exemplified only with “Castle Wackersberg” reviews, the only mod with Swankest’s writing remaining on ModDB

Swankest as a project lead

As a disclaimer, Swankest can hardly be called a project lead, as that would imply competence in things he doesn’t even know exist. Alas, asides from “idea guy”, it is the best term to describe his role on “Castle Wackersberg”, where most of this information comes from.

Like a Soviet architect, Swankest has an irrational obsession with large sizes. In other words, he thinks that bigger is always better, shown in his:

  • Long-winded, bloated writing
  • Attempts to make everything a series or a saga
  • Preference for annoyingly big levels and rooms
  • Requests to make those even bigger
  • Quantity-over-quality approach to translations

The areas were exceptional sometimes and mostly well designed the rest of the way. Sometimes unnecessarily large to fit the story. – KiraImmortal, review excerpt

Possibly the key defining factor of working under Swankest is that his main mode of operation is nagging.

“His contribution was a hand-made room layout in ms paint. And […] sending messages daily asking about progress.” – LivajQ

Swankest pushes others to deliver levels as fast as possible, despite having very little awareness of how much effort it takes to make one. He probably thinks that similarly to him, other people have nothing to do and can spend all their day modding but are too lazy (when in reality they’re spending all their free time on modding). This approach to modding as a job rather than a hobby is also underlined by his annoyance with Cyborg taking a short break:

He was missing for a few days, he was involved in playing other games and Wackersberg was not interested in him.

Another characteristic of Swankest’s approach is refusing to change his ideas. He disagrees with changes proposed by others, often citing “original agreements”, i.e. treating the mod draft as gospel. Expecting such a project to end up exactly as planned in the start is delusional. It pretty much never happens in game development.

Meanwhile, counter his own argument mentioned above, he tends to expand his ideas – often in ways annoying to implement. It ties into Swankest’s most bothersome trait as a leader: his lack of respect for his colleague’s time and opinions. Both these characteristics are shown in his requests to enlarge maps, for example by doubling the number of already repetitive level elements such as prison cells.

I started being pissed off by all the crazy ideas, it took him a minute to think about them but it took me tens of hours to make them. – headlesscyborg

To make matters worse, he doesn’t know when to stop with these requests and keeps pushing the boundary:

He always started using his sad voice, trying to change my mind for an hour. If he failed, he started doing the same the next day. […] My disagreegment wasn’t accepted. – headlesscyborg

Another example of Swankest’s lack of respect for his colleagues is treating a few days off as a crime, as quoted earlier.

In short, Swankest uses unrelenting pressure to get mappers to make oversized levels, with no concern for gameplay implications and his colleague’s well-being.

Swankest the control freak

Perhaps you might have noticed a theme running throughout this article, although it is mostly seen in the Bavarian Drama.

Swankest is a control freak. Whenever he has any semblance of power, he will be extremely sensitive about anyone meddling with his “authority”.

The key example is that he treated the Wackersberg mod draft to be set in stone and considered any alterations to be transgressive. Here are some of the “changes made behind his back” which completely destroyed Swankest’s vision:

  • Changing a level soundtrack
  • Making a niche instead of a room
  • Making a boat ride not fast enough
  • Adding a voice effect which wasn’t planned by him
  • Forcing Swankest to combine several notes into one. Woe is me!

I once changed music and he kept talking about it for the next two weeks, pissed off. – headlesscyborg

Another big example is Swankest’s reaction to Sabatu making cosmetic changes to their Discord server (those being: renaming a few channels and merging admin roles). In fact, Swankest was so pissed that he made his own server and ordered users to go there and leave the old server. There were other factors that caused this of course, but the inciting incident was Swankest’s anger about someone undermining his authority.

If one pays attention, there are also many other small hints towards his need for control throughout his entire activity. This excessive need is very likely a cope for his lack of control in real life.

Swankest has a delusional1 belief that he has the rights to the entire mods just because he wrote the stories in them. He does the bare minimum of crediting the actual creators, but his real opinion shows through the way he credits himself in his “Bavarian Saga” description:

The story writer is Swankest CZ and all the creators mentioned above helped with their ideas to make the stories happen.

Fucking “helped”. Because spending months on crafting maps and scripting them is just a small gesture compared to shitting out a few dozen pages of rambling text. He also typically puts himself first in the in-game mod credits and implies that he is the main authority on what is official and what isn’t.

As you might expect, “rights for me but not for thee” – Swankest simultaneously flaunts his imaginary ownership of the series and claims that nobody owns their mods:

My argument: No one has copyright to Amnesia’s mods, so anyone can create the mods they want. In addition, I am the writer of the Bavarian Saga, and if I want to continue writing stories in this universe, why can’t I do it?

While he is likely right about his right to continue the series in any direction he wants, Swankest has no idea how copyright works. Common intellectual property law is that unless otherwise noted, the author of any creative work has full rights to it2. Copyright being poorly enforced online does not make them void, which is probably Swankest’s line of thought.

Swankest as a writer

Swankest’s writing is not covered in the Bavarian Drama article since it has no bearing on the drama itself. However, there is a lot to be said about Swankest’s writing skill.

General silliness

Like most Amnesia mods, the Bavarian Saga is not a pinnacle of originality. For the simple fact of having to mostly use the assets from The Dark Descent, as well as the community’s general inability to escape TDD’s story influence, the mods are the usual mix of cliches such as occult castles and cases of generic insanity.

Swankest treats his writing very seriously, but because of his poor language skills, some names in his writing are rather silly:

  • Bavarian Saga (BS, English acronym for “bullshit”)
  • Castle Wackersberg (German: “brave castle”? English: “wack” - ​”very bad; not of good quality”)
  • Castle Verscheidenburg, Verscheiden family (German: “to die castle”, “to die” family [sic])


Brevity is the soul of wit.

– Shakespeare

One of the most prevalent issues with Swankest’s writing is its mind-numbing verbosity. It’s especially exemplified in his lengthy public announcements, but obviously it also found its way into his creative output.

Mods written by Swankest are characterized by long speeches as well as frequent and lengthy notes:

Really my only complaint is some plain characters, (some too long) dialogues and the occasional low quality voice acting. – KiraImmortal, “Castle Wackersberg” review excerpt

The story was ok. I like some parts of the story but some texts were too long for my taste.. also I sometimes like the explanation but sometimes it is too much. I mean sometimes I felt like I will see a note where you will learn how much hair Niklas had on his head. – LesDespeeados, “Castle Wackersberg” review excerpt

Swankest writing (artist’s rendition)

That’s subjective though. What does the scientific method say? We analyzed the Notes and Diaries of The Dark Descent, Madhouse 3 and Wackersberg.

Story Notes and diaries Playtime3 Avg. notes per hour Median num. of words per note Total num. of words % of time spent reading4
The Dark Descent 44 8h 5.5 147 6970 5.8%
Madhouse 3 54 4.8h 11.25 157 10083 14.0%
Castle Wackersberg 53 3.5h 15.14 137 8589 16.4%

The results show that Swankest’s average note isn’t more verbose than TDD’s, but his entire amount of writing is indeed much higher than in TDD – despite the twice shorter playtimes. As a result, the player reads around 3 times more than in TDD. This doesn’t even take into consideration things like speeches or the Mementos, where Swankest writes entire paragraphs in place of the customary one-sentence snippet.

According to Uvaha, the final versions of CW texts were noticeably shortened. The original versions would have been even longer, so we can speculate that the final percentage of time spent reading in that mod could have been closer to 20% or even more.

Delusions of grandeur

Swankest vastly overestimates his writing skill. We will let his humble words speak for themselves:

“Madhouse 3 is the masterpiece of the Bavarian Saga and Amnesia modding and could certainly be a stand-alone game. Level design is one of the best you can see in Amnesia. The story is very deep and detailed (even better than in previous parts of the series). In this case, it can be said that level design and story are truly equal partners.”

Another example is his insistence that his characters are psychologically deep, for example in his description of “Castle Wackersberg”:

The psychology of the characters isn’t as deep as in the Madhouse serie.

Swankest is so far up his ass that he makes up his own aphorisms and puts one at the start and one at the end of his mods. To make it even more ridiculous, this shitty pseudo-wisdom is presented in the form of quotation:

“This is a mod by Swankest and don’t you dare forget that”

This is massively retarded for two reasons.

A quotation is by definition a “repetition of a sentence, phrase, or passage from speech or text that someone has said or written.” Swankest’s aphorisms were not published in any other place before, so there is no need to make them a quote. They are also published in a work that’s already signed by Swankest, making the attribution a yet another pathetic attempt at underlining Swankest’s importance.

Furthermore, these utterances are cringeworthy on their own because they are wannabe deep, state the obvious or present teenager-level revelations.

Oh, the irony.

This is enough examples to prove the point, but there many more of these in the Gallery section.

As a side note, these self-quotations are a prime example of Swankest’s laughable need for putting his name on everything. Another one is that the rules on his server are reposted by a moderator, but include his signature. He has also been seen signing his own Discord messages. Sometimes we wonder if he sticks little flags with “~SwankestCZ” into the ground after taking a piss outside.

Swankest and remorse

Swankest has made a few superficial attempts at reconciliation throughout the dramas. Most (if not all) of his apologies weren’t made privately. Instead Swankest posted them as public announcements, like almost everything he does.

Swankest typically does not acknowledge any major wrongdoings, only ever admitting to menial mistakes that could be easily forgiven. It is a manipulation aimed to make his victims look petty by implying that they made such a fuss about small issues. This in turn downplays the entire drama.

His apologies very often contain a quid pro quo. In his “Relationships” article in the BS server, which is one of his few reconciliatory writings, he says he “officially [recognized] the legitimacy of the remastered versions” (as if he was an authority here), but he immediately demands recognition of the original versions in return. He entirely misses the point that the real problem was his fervent slander of his ex-colleagues.

Finally, instead of apologizing, he tends to offer useless gestures of good will, such as:

  • Inviting them to his server
  • Giving Sabatu a moderator role
  • Linking the remastered mods on the server
  • Recording walkthroughs of the remastered mods – As if any of these were something Sabatu or cyborg cared about. Notably, this yet another overestimation of his own importance shows how in love with himself Swankest is.

As per the above, it can be surmised that Swankest doesn’t even think he did anything bad. A tangible proof of this is that the slanderous Uvaha document ends with a proclamation that “everything written there is pure truth”.

The only regrets Swankest seems to have is that he has to bother with drama and that some people won’t consider him the main creator of the Bavarian Saga. The “apologies” seem to be made mostly as an attempt to shut Sabatu’s mouth and earn more legitimacy for the Swankest mod versions.

Headlesscyborg and Sabatu haven’t received an apology for Uvaha and La Bruta, Swankest’s biggest transgressions, to this day.

Swankest’s self-importance

Swankest thinks he is a big fish who does serious business. Some of the more notable cases of his overestimation of his own importance are:

  • His insistence on crediting himself as the main creator of the Bavarian Saga despite only being the writer
  • Thinking he owns the rights to the entire Bavarian Saga despite doing like 5% of the work
  • Acting like a mod being featured on his channel is such an honor (as if he didn’t spam old, crap mods at the same time) that it’s enough to make up for slander
  • Getting pissed at Sabatu calling himself “master” in their first Discord server
  • His love for public announcements made in serious tone
  • …and his assumption that people will read those walls of text
  • Insistence on not altering his vision

He treats these things very seriously. Any form of undermining his importance will cause him to launch a fervent campaign to prove otherwise.

Another example is his belief that his YT following outweighs the fact that Sabatu’s versions of the mods are the only ones available on ModDB:

[…] the original and remastered versions will be built on an equal level within my channel, which will also contribute to the perception of version equivalence among community members.

This behavior can be interpreted at trying to control his own image more than normal people do, and as such being another cope for his lack of control in real life.

Post BS activity

The post-bavarian-drama era is mainly marked with heavy Discord activity.

Swankest the friendly Discord moderator

Main article: Czech Wars

Following the Bavarian Saga drama, Swankest created his own Discord server where he pretends he’s important and a nice person in front of kids. A vast majority of his server’s members are people he convinced to join by faking a friendly attitude. Because around 95% of new members never become active, the main chat is infamous for being full of corporate “welcome” stickers and “member left” messages. The server’s main reasons to exist are:

  • Filling Swankest’s needs for control and feeling important
  • Unrightfully establishing him as the creator of the Bavarian Saga
  • Advertising Swankest’s YouTube channel
  • Smearing his enemies and making himself into a martyr in front of people who weren’t there to see the truth

Another case of Swankest being a lovable guy is when his own moderation team started to hate him so much that they organized a raid and deleted all channels from the server.

Swankest and alt accounts

Swankest stops at nothing to get more followers. Because he got banned from the official FG Discord for sending unsolicited invites, he would create many alt accounts and continue his spam campaigns until he got the alts banned. Swankest’s heavy usage of Discord alt accounts is documented (Zardoz PDF) and he even publicly admitted to using one in “Purpose of the new server”.

Swankest playing with his peepee

Imaginary friend

Because Swankest was aware of the possibility of losing his main Discord account, he created one specifically to own his server. For some obscure reason he decided to try convincing people that Zardoz was a real person, despite it being a painfully obvious alt account. He would also refer to the account as an authority to justify his own decisions, as at this point his own credibility was laughable. Sometimes he would also use Zardoz to support himself during arguments.

Swankest playing pretend with himself

An entire document was created which debunked this shitty straw man, but the proof can be summarized as this:

  • Swankest is infamous for using alt accounts on Discord.
  • Swankest claims that Zardoz created the server, but Zardoz’s account was created a day after the server.
  • Additionally, Zardoz’s first public message on the server was made 2 months after its creation.
  • Zardoz doesn’t use his own server. Out of the 80 000 messages, he posted only 72.
Zardoz back when he was in high school

Russian sympathizer

Swankest has a vague sympathy for Russia. Russian is the second language after Czech he records the most mod versions of. He also pays close attention to the Russian chat in his server and seems to be able to read Cyrillic, although he responds with a weird mix of Russian and Czech.

Questionable YT playlists on his profile

His weird infatuation with Russia rose to prominence when he stopped posting walkthroughs and spammed dubious videos during the 2022 Russian invasion on Ukraine:

he uploaded videos from Ukraine and actively participated in discussions and uploaded daily photos from Ukraine and the war zone. – Sabatu

In Swankest’s own words:

Sabatu sheds some light on how this episode came to an end:

Eventually, even people on FB who were interested started to bitch at him, saying that most of the videos he was spreading were fake or unconfirmed. For example the video of the Ukrainian bombed city, but that there were Arabic names everywhere didn’t address it.. just a large part was FAKE NEWS

Eventually Swankest did one of the few considerate things in his history in the community and denounced Russian politics:

He also deleted the videos from his channel. Reading some of his messages can give the impression that he was upset about this mainly because Russia disappointed him. Some messages do show genuine sympathy to Ukrainians though and he seems to try convincing some Russians about their country being evil, making it one of the few redeeming qualities of this entire persona.

The reasons for Swankest’s Russia infatuation are unknown. Considering he can read the language, maybe one of his parents were Russian, or some other relative. Or maybe he watched too much Bald and Bankrupt.

Current days

Since the war in Ukraine started, Swankest resumed his Amnesia activity only episodically.

In January 2022, he confirmed going on hiatus:

In February 2022 Swankest announced migrating a portion of the community to a private server:

Due to the unpleasant events that have accompanied this community for three quarters of the year and because many of my friends feel demotivated and frustrated by these things, many of them have decided to leave the community in recent days. I have set up a new alternative group for these people so that they can at least stay in touch with each other or with other still active members.

At this point the entire community was already dead anyway, so the FGCC server wasn’t seeing much of activity anymore. The new server is reportedly called “Last Bastion of Amnesia” and isn’t active either.

Swankest’s last ModDB upload was made in February. Around that time he also played a few mods on YT, with the last one being “House of Retards 5” in March. All YT gameplays since then have been of other games.

During the summer, he confirmed his move away from Amnesia.

Misc douchebag behavior

You thought that was all of it? There’s more that could not be classified under the other segments.


Swankest studied psychology for 1-2 years. He didn’t get a degree in it, but he feels competent to diagnose people left and right, mainly assigning people with various illnesses to smear them. At the same time he fails to notice any of his own bad behavior.

Moral compass

Swankest loves to tell people what to think. One of the more famed cases of this was convincing people who didn’t know better that certain community members are bad people. While nobody in this goddamn community is a pure soul, this was based entirely on Swankest’s dislike for them based on ModDB drama.

when I returned to the community back in January after many years, I found a comment under my mod Affect from Swankest. […] I started being in contact with him and Sabatu. I was immediatelly introduced to a number of screenshot about Shyrtexx and told that Shyrtexx, Livaj, Krusti Clown and Darkfire as well as Timan are the bad guys. I made this mistake to believe that. Sorry about that, there’s no way I could revert time and un-do things like the trash talk against you on moddb. I should’t have believe him.

– headlesscyborg

Basically psychopathy. Idk what else to call this

It was already apparent by the time we were in [voice calls] daily that SwankestCZ was CONSTANTLY writing something down ( later on, during the biggest conflict, he would pull up practically everything we ever said to the letter, so his excuse of writing diaries in [a mod] was pathetic to say the least)

Sympathy for the devil

At the end of the behemoth of an article we would like to address one thing.

Swankest is a person and has feelings. Ultimately he’s just a guy who in some way loved Amnesia and its mods and wanted to contribute by translating them and recording playthroughs. Most of his activity (ModDB spam) was harmless and merely a minor inconvenience to some people while possibly benefiting others.

However, his approach to team work and the subsequent atrocious “psychological evaluations” in Uvaha and La Bruta are by all accounts inexcusable. It is worth noting though that a lot of these writings are just him (excessively) explaining his side of the story. While there are highly biased fragments, there are also many where he relates events without embellishing. It is also worth noting that he was under a constant barrage of shit from the other side of the conflict. He might have felt like he was backed into a corner and did his best to stand his ground.

Do these things excuse his actions? Absolutely not, but they can be considered mitigating circumstances.

Lastly, there is the matter of his IRL status. Swankest admits to living on disability checks and he was reportedly jobless during the dramas. It is not known what the disability is though.

Swankest can speak, see and hear, as evidenced by him playing games and participating in voice calls. And boy, can he write. According to Sabatu, he can also walk as he could be heard doing so many times during voice calls. He’s also been known to leave house to do errands.

While there is a myriad of things that would make his disability legitimate, there is also many people who get disability checks after a moderate injury which still allows them to work.

In other words, we cannot tell whether there are serious reasons for Swankest having all this free time or if he’s just a lazy neet. Would Swankest being stuck at home with a disability excuse his actions? Still no, but it would make him more sympathetic.

One thing remains though. Swankest has proven beyond doubt that he would be able of intellectual work at a computer.

In the end, Swankest is a very vitriolic person who has wronged many and many have wronged him back, but still a person. He seems to have moved on and maybe so should everyone else.

Me after finally finishing this fucking behemoth of an article


“I agreed to this agreement”

~SwankestCZ, “Uvaha_EN”

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  1. The only stipulation that limits this is that “content made on the HPL engines must be non-commercial.”, which is presumably expressed in the Terms of Use for their games. 

  2. Mod playtimes were taken from CustomStoryGatherers as a more fair match with Amnesia’s HowLongToBeat time than Swankest’s speedruns. 

  3. Percentage of time spent reading was calculated using the average adult rate of 250 words per minute and under the assumption that all the text will be read in full.