The Tale of Two Alts

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This is the story of how two somewhat respected modders did a little too much trolling.


In 2019 Darkfire and Timan were two modders known for criticizing Amnesia mods and accidentally starting the biggest shitstorm of the Critischism, a drama that is closely coupled with the events described in this article. Darkfire had two well-received Amnesia mods under his belt and Timan was one of the few HPL3 modders and has released two decent mods at that point.

Tired of stupid arguments and moddbtards singing praises for garbage mods and general moddbtard activity, they create alt accounts: AmnesiaFan47 (Timan) and Andrew2137 (Darkfire). Quite early into this endeavor the two would start coordinating actions and exchanging ideas, and as such most of the content created with both of the accounts was co-authored.

These alts would eventually get deleted/banned along with most of their comments and all reviews getting removed, which is why examples of their activity are sparse.

Initial activity

At first, the accounts were used to post retarded comments and reviews as well as partake in arguments without holding back any punches.

This evolved into actual trolling when Secretial (a.k.a. Krole) emerged with his crappy “Lost Family” mod. Secretial was making tons of blunders (releasing multiple broken versions of the mod) and responding to criticism very poorly, making him a prime target for trolling, which mostly took form of sarcastic devotion to the mod. Another mod being made fun of was “Grandpa’s Mansion”.

Another modder trolled by the duo was the creator of “We are the pig”, which was a garbage attempt at recreating “A Machine for Pigs” in “The Dark Descent”1. The creator would delete any non-positive comments and demand money for the continuation of the project, which expectedly ended with it getting cancelled.

Furthermore, it’s retarded to even try to do that because the games are almost identical and there is no sensible reason to port the main campaign.

The alts were also used in the HGA drama which sparked the Critischism.

Eventually both alts started to focus on parodying bad mods and trolling the players who get salty about mods in general.


AmnesiaFan focused on creating very short, nonsensical mods which aimed to troll the players and really bad mod pages which troll newbie modders.

Five Magics 2 was a mod mocking the frequent moddbtard requests for a sequel of the Five Magics mod made by Slanderous.

The Missing Past is a crappy mod page with a bunch of semi-random images uploaded to the page, which is something that people actually do.

Human Evolution was a major troll against Eren Kruger, the creator of the infamously bad “Amnesia Rebuildened” mod where he announced his next mod title in the credits but did not claim the mod page yet.


Andrew2137 was a little less on the nose with trolling, but also focused on making nonsensical mods. Darkfire took a copypasta recording made by Richard Topping (the voice actor for Daniel in Amnesia) during a fan interview and based a mod around it.

The mod was called “Antique Munshi Land” and featured the aforementioned recording. It also marks the start of Darkfire’s strategy of creating mods which look legitimate at first and devolve into trolling only after playing them for a while.


Around this time a new trend emerged in the community. Many modders started to “remaster” their own mods and other things in general, with the mod remasters usually being tiny improvements that really didn’t need to be their own mods (but they were because the modders wanted newer, better reviews).

antique munshi land remastered Visuals were enhanced and this time the mod doesn’t end when the player picks up a crowbar: another short room was added to give players hope before the mod once again ends abruptly.

The remaster of Human Evolution was a borderline copy paste of the original mod with almost no changes.


The aforementioned mods (especially Munshi Land) gathered a ton of toxic responses from almost all active community members, which sparked the idea to create a mod which will showcase these comments to the player as retaliation against these people. It has to be mentioned that all the trolling described above was fairly mild and these responses were mostly unwarranted.

The mod description for Verberalis was made to look legitimate, with Andrew and AmnesiaFan saying they’re making a legitimate mod as an apology for their behavior. The page featured actually decentish screenshots.

The mod itself consisted of a single well-made room and then turned into a slide show of the toxic comments in a room resembling a cinema. It ends with a claim of both alts being a social experiment, which was of course not planned initially.

Soon after the mod release, all mods from the two alts get “archived” by ModDB moderators. A more appropriate description is that they got soft-deleted – archived mods don’t show up on the main mod list and even on the creator’s profile. They can only be accessed with a direct link.

Reasons for this are unknown, but it is suspected that the alts got reported by the people who appeared in the mod (as if they weren’t comfortable with saying these things in the first place lol).


made by sadeyeball

obturaculum banner was inspired by happymatt12345


made by withinoaks


shyrtexx betrayal his lies

Eventually Timan and Darkfire were unbanned under a strict agreement to never make more alt accounts.


life freezes over

monke island 1 and 2

darkfire HPL3 skill issue


  1. It was a retarded endeavor because he tried doing it by hand whereas it could have been done semi-automatically by fixing a few things in the files and copy-pasting the maps.